Ring profiles and engravings

Beside the range of predefined profiles, as shown down bellow, there are many more for you to design. Use the textual description, sketch or even the photo of a model, and we will make your individual ring. It will take a little longer to produce it, and cost a little bit more, but we are still inside the budget that you would expect to pay for such a production.

Ring sizes

We use the usual German size range 46-76, which are the same sizes as International 6-36. If you use Ø size or US sizes gauge, simply order in your size and we will make sure you get the exact size you need.

Rings engraving

We regularly use 3 standard fonts to engrave your client's names and dates inside rings, with LASER engraver.

FONT 1 - Englischescht - Script typeface:script

FONT 2 - Arial - Letter case (both upper-case and lower-case letters):

FONT 3 - Arial - ALL CAPS (uppercase, capital letters, capitals, large letters):

All symbols such as double hearts and eternity are possible:

The costs of basic engraving (name, date and symbol) is included in the regular price of the rings. If you require brand logo inside the rings it will cost you a small fee of 2€ per ring.

Government stamping

We can provide government stamping from Croatian assay office, but this means prolonged production process and time of delivery (2-4 days more). If you are interested in such a service, please make an inquiry for validity of Croatian government stamp in your country.

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