2022 price increase – 3D projects, shipping, diamonds     (Published: 28.07.2022)
We are informing you that due to the increase in our production expenses, we are consequently forced to partially adjust prices for one of our services: Starting from August 1, new prices for 3D projects will be applied. The new price per proje ...

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F collection of wedding rings     (Published: 30.06.2022)
Dear business partners, since there is often a need for different widths of men's and women's ring in a set of wedding bands, with this idea we made one of our new collections. In addition to different widths, the design is characterized by 5 c ...

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New prices of diamonds     (Published: 10.03.2022)
Dear valued business partners, given the recent rise in market prices, we are forced to adjust the prices of diamonds in our offer. It is important to emphasize that diamonds up to 0.04 ct, which are most commonly used in the production of wedd ...

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Lab grown Diamonds     (Published: 17.11.2021)
We have recently introduced laboratory-grown diamonds into our offer. Now your customers can choose between natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds, synthetic moissanite and cubic zirconia.More information can be found at the following link: ...

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Laser engraving     (Published: 25.10.2021)
We exclusively use a laser engraver for any kind of engraving inside of wedding or engagement rings - for example names using regular or script typefaces, dates or some usual type of symbols - heart symbols or double circles, etc. This kind of service ...

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New offer - Synthetic Moissanite     (Published: 22.07.2021)
We have recently added moissanite to our offer, take a look (the following list shows the actual stock status as well):ZR Križek - Gemstones (zlatarna-krizek.com) Bigger stones ...

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Letter pendants     (Published: 25.03.2021)
Check out our new collection of letter pendants. You can order in any color of gold, with or without stones (diamonds, cubic zirconia or even precious stones - emer ...

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Silver samples of engagement rings     (Published: 25.03.2021)
In addition to brass samples of wedding rings, we have also made two sets of best selling engagement rings. 10 models in two sets. One set with stones in range from 0,05 to 0,025, and another in range from 0,30 to 1 ct and even more. Each set comes in ...

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3D projects     (Published: 10.03.2021)
We are constantly extending our offer of jewelry. Our customers can choose among thousands of different models. If that's not enough, and you really need something specific, unlike anything else...  ...

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Diamond reservation     (Published: 05.03.2021)
All registered clients are able to book a specific stone for a period of 24 hours (or 72 hours in case of weekends). It is possible to book a maximum of two stones. A newly introduced feature is th ...

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Gold purity testing     (Published: 25.01.2021)
Recently we have started to offer you the service of checking the purity of your own materials. In testing procedure we use nondestructive XRF method. Testing is carried out by the Olympus GoldXpert, Professional Precious Metals Testing Solution. ...

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1st order - procedure     (Published: 25.01.2021)
We have prepared several start packages for new customers and interested parties who want to start a business cooperation with Us...Continue reading:ZR Križek - 1st Order (zla ...

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