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The primary form of our business is wedding bands production. We're exceptionally proud to present collection of over 1000 models. All those could be produced in brass in the form of samples for presentation purposes in Your stores.

Why brass?

Models manufactured from brass are excellent replacement for original gold models. They represent a cheaper alternative for constant expansion of your exisiting collections, in compliance with current market trends. Your customers are actually able to try out a multitude of actual designs instead of just looking at a picture on www, or try out dummies used for size measuring, not to mention that costs in case of theft are incomparable. Lifetime warranty for brass samples is certainly a proof of quality.

There are two possible options for ordering brass samples - our predefined collections, or simply make your own collection by choosing individual models according to Your personal choice.


Why Us?

Piece by piece orders, delivery to Your home address, multiple quality control in manufacturing process, possibility to modify exisiting models according to Your requirements within a framework of technical possibilities of course, fast and effective support, regular upgrade of collections with new models, 100% EU production in according with high quality standards, all that rank Zlatarska radiona Križek among the market leaders in the production of gold jewelry.

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