2022 price increase – 3D projects, shipping, diamonds

We are informing you that due to the increase in our production expenses, we are consequently forced to partially adjust prices for one of our services:

Starting from August 1, new prices for 3D projects will be applied. The new price per project will be 125€, instead of previous 100€. The production of every new piece of the same model, as well as changing its size, will be charged 95€ per piece.

Also, in view of the global increase in the prices of petroleum products, we expect further price corrections of transport services.

And finally, our diamond prices are in EURO, while we pay them in USD, and our minimum rate to keep current price is 1,08$ for 1€, while at the time of publishing this article, rate is much lower. We are hoping that dollar rate will fall, so we won't have to adjust our diamond prices.

Križek jewelry factory team

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